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3 ways to combine Education and Entertainement

One of the most effective ways to make education and learning more effective is to make it more engaging to students. In response to this, the educational field has been taking steps towards combining education with various forms of entertainment, making it more interesting to students.

Let’s take a look at some of these forms of “edutainment” and how they can be leveraged in classrooms to improve the learning experience.

  1. Educational games

Games have such a vast potential for educational benefits. Research shows that combining games with certain metacognitive strategies may improve cognition in students. Other games can teach concepts such as programming, symbolic logic, and basic arithmetic in meaningful ways that stick to memory. Educational video games are especially effective on the smartphones that nearly every child will have.

There are also video games that aren’t explicitly designed to be educational, but have a lot of value regardless. Cities: Skylines, a city-building game, can teach concepts of traffic management as well as basic city planning. Assassin’s Creed: Origins is a rather violent and seemingly inappropriate game, yet it comes with a “Discovery Mode” that allows players to tour a beautifully reconstructed Ancient Egypt, with guided tours of monuments, places, and people from history.

  1. Role playing

Classroom roleplaying is a very interesting way of applying learning, as it already puts students in a decision-making position related to the topic at hand. It’s engaging, and also teaches a variety of skills depending on the topic. For example, putting players in the position of political figures teaches critical thinking, ethics, and utilitarianism whenever the players must make decisions that could affect the welfare of a hypothetical population. This may also foster creativity in students as they look for unique problem-solving means or thinking outside the box to face challenging scenarios.

  1. Gamification

Gamification adds elements of video game design to the learning experience. Teachers can add a narrative and characters to introduce topics through storytelling, add player progression with achievements, badges, leaderboards, and the like, introduce collaboration and problem-solving elements, and more. These methods create a holistic learning experience that teaches many things at once, while keeping students interested.

Edutainment in our classrooms

Swiss International School Dubai understands the value of play and engagement in learning. Our curriculum supports the use of games and creative expression in the learning process. Not only that, but we also encourage our students to explore their horizons in our Innovation Labs, even outside of class hours.