English+ stream

The 21st century is multilingual and multicultural. Being able to speak and write in only one language is no longer enough. This is why the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai offers an English+ stream with the choice of studying either French or German as an additional language (4-5 lessons weekly depending on the grade). The programme is tailored to the needs of learners who do not wish to follow a full bilingual immersive programme, but are excited about the challenge and rigour of an IB education with additional languages. As students learn to communicate perfectly in English, they also move towards fluency in French or German. At SISD we believe that international means opening your mind to other cultures and different ways of thinking. Students at SISD are uniquely privileged to learn these skills and aptitudes as a fundamental part of their education. 
In our English+ stream, all subjects are taught in English and learners attend daily additional language lessons. During these lessons, the teacher - who is a native speaker, qualified additional language teacher - communicates systematically in the target language, using an inquiry-driven approach while following a specific language acquisition curriculum. Learners build the communicative language skills and competencies they will use as global citizens. The school’s unique international and multilingual environment provides students with authentic exposure to French and German through the daily contact with native speakers. Students who want to learn French or German, but are not exposed to those languages outside of the school, are perfectly suited for this programme. SISD also promotes internationally recognized language diplomas and certifications (Delf Prim, Delf Junior, Fit in Deutsch, Cambridge exams) and encourages students to sit these external examinations.

Other additional languages
As we strive to build a multilingual community, Italian, Spanish and Chinese are also available as after-school activities (subject to availability). This focus on languages is what truly distinguishes us from other Dubai schools. In the coming years as our school community grows, we will be extending the range of languages on offer to truly build a community of global citizens.

English + stream Grade 1 – 5
  • All subjects are taught in English
  • 5 lessons of French or German per week
  • 6 lessons of Arabic (A and B) per week (Grade 1 – 3)
  • 5 lessons of Arabic (A and B) per week (Grade 4 – 5)

English + stream Grade 6 – 10
  • All subjects are taught in English
  • 4 lessons of French or German per week
  • 5 lessons of Arabic (A and B) per week – Grade 6
  • 4 lessons of Arabic (A and B) per week- Grade 7-10

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