Bilingual English-French

The bilingual English-French stream at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai is an immersive programme where both, English and French are the languages of instruction across the curriculum. All lessons aside from Art, Music and Physical Education are taught as part of the bilingual programme. This requires close coordination between the teaching staff, since the programme is a progressive one, with each week’s lessons building on the previous one

Teaching and learning across the grades (as of school year 2016/2017):
  • Pre-KG: English as the main language; Native English speaking teacher & native French TA in the classroom; Play-based teaching (i.e. exposure to the additional language through play situations).
  • KG1: Native English speaking teacher & native French TA in the classroom; One daily lesson of French and exposure to the language in classroom activities.
  • KG2: Native English-speaking teacher & native French speaking teacher in the classroom, teaching both languages on a daily basis. Arabic lessons on a weekly basis.  
  • Primary School: one week in English and one week in French - all core subjects (Language, Maths, Science and Social Studies) are taught in both languages, with a rolling process to avoid repetition. Testing is done in both languages through collaborative planning.
  • Middle School: Students move from a weekly bilingual cycle to a discipline-based model, where certain subjects are taught in English and others in French by native-speaking specialists. Students in the bilingual streams study both English and French at Languages and Literature level.

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