SISD has a highly skilled Inclusion Department, enabling all students to achieve their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. In keeping with the school mission, the Inclusion team helps provide an inspiring, inclusive and challenging learning environment while celebrating academic excellence.  We encourage and support all our students to become successful, global minded, enthusiastic, lifelong learners who will confidently take advantage of future opportunities and help make a difference. Together with our teaching staff and parents, we support our students to fully develop their potential in a motivating, multilingual and international learning environment.
A team of dedicated Inclusion specialists and a highly qualified faculty work in close conjunction to monitor student progress to ensure that all students are supported with individualised care and focus. This programme creates unique life plans for each identified student in their specific area of need. Pupil Passports are developed from this with the input of the students, parents, teachers, and counsellors, and are regularly reviewed and adjusted accordingly. SMART targets are tracked and evaluated a minimum of three times each academic year, using the Assess-Plan-Do-Review model. External Assessment Reports need to be up to date and the guidelines set out by these professionals are taken into deep consideration when planning the Pupil Passport.
In the classroom, differentiation strategies are targeted towards each student’s needs. Learning outcomes are tiered based on ability and lessons are modified accordingly. As an IB school, all of our teachers are inclusive practitioners. They are responsible and accountable for the learning and progress of all the children in their classes. Members of the Inclusion team are available to assist and guide teachers and parents in planning and coordinating the best support possible for students.