At SISD, we are committed to being an inclusive school and we strive to meet the needs of all our students by minimising and removing barriers to learning and supporting the extension of gifts and talents.
Due to the specific dynamics of a bilingual school curriculum, we carefully assess each student's suitability to our programmes at the admissions stage so that they are able to meet their full potential when they join our school. 
As inclusion is a shared responsibility, we ask parents to inform us of any individual needs, identified or suspected.

Upon application, parents must provide the school with copies of all medical, psychological or educational assessments or reports, which must be originally from or attested by a KHDA approved provider. Such materials are a prerequisite in enabling us to provide the best education for your child. If your child is accepted to the school, our Inclusion Team will plan and implement the appropriate intervention and support for optimum learning to take place.
SISD works with a number of external providers to facilitate services/therapy required by students, at an additional cost to parents.

SISD safeguarding and child protection policy