English+ stream

If you are excited about the prospects an IB education would offer and understand that one of the keys to effective collaboration is language, then we are the right school for you. You might wonder why the focus on collaboration? The world is changing quickly and it is difficult to predict what content will be relevant when a child grows up and joins the workforce. Collaborative relationships are increasingly important and that is why we are offering an English with an additional language programme tailored to the needs of those learners who do not wish to follow a full bilingual immersive programme, but are excited about the challenge and rigour of an IB education.
All subjects are taught in English and the learners attend daily additional language lessons. They currently have the choice between French and German. The additional language teacher communicates systematically in the target language, using an inquiry-driven approach while following a specific language acquisition curriculum. We ensure that these students, who also study Arabic, get authentic exposure to the additional languages and help them build the language competences they will use as global citizens. 

Other additional languages
As we strive to build a multilingual community, Italian, Spanish and Chinese are also available as after-school activities (subject to availability). This focus on languages is what truly distinguishes us from other Dubai schools. In the coming years as our school community grows, we will be extending the range of languages on offer to truly build a community of global citizens.

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