Language Requirements

Our languages department supports students coming from abroad and being new to English. Support is provided for students joining KG1 to Grade 10, who require assistance in English.
English language requirements for our bilingual and language acquisition streams increase as students approach the IB Diploma grades. Please note that the below are minimal requirements for entry into grades 6 to 9.

  • PreKG to G5 – students may enter as non-English speakers until mid-year in grade 5.
  • G6 – A.2.1 Junior
  • G7 – A.2.2 Junior
  • G8 – B.1 Junior
  • G9 – B.2 Junior
  • Grades 10 to 12 – Students must be able to function independently in English.

Bilingual Streams - French or German
The following language proficiency levels are minimal indicative requirements at the start of the school year for admission to the respective bilingual grades:
  • PreKG and KG1 – no specific language requirements
  • KG2 aiming at G1 E+ - basic understanding and oral command of French or German, exposure to French or German at home
  • KG2 aiming at G1 bilingual – oral Portfolino A.1 level, exposure to F or G at home
  • G1 –A.1.1 Primary
  • G2 - A.1.2 Primary
  • G3 - A.2.1 Primary
  • G4 - A.2.2 Primary
  • G5 - B.1.1 Primary
  • G6 - A.2.1 Junior
  • G7 - A.2.2 Junior
  • G8 – B.1 Junior
  • G9 – B.2 Junior
  • Grades 10 to 12 – students must be able to follow a native curriculum in either French or German

Please refer to the Portfolino, Primary and Junior Grids for level clarification.
English + Stream - French or German
No specific language requirements.
Admission to SISD is subject to successfully passing the SISD admissions tests in English and French or German.