Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Grade Tuition Fee (AED)
Pre-KG 60,000
KG 1 67,000
KG 2 67,000
Grade 1 80,000
Grade 2 80,000
Grade 3 80,000
Grade 4 80,000
Grade 5 82,500
Grade 6 95,000
Grade 7 95,000
Grade 8 95,000
Grade 9 110,000
Grade 10* 110,000

*Grade 10 opening subject to KHDA approval

Fees include: teaching resources, examination fees, additional Early Years childcare, one time basic set uniform, internal after-school activities, extra languages and inclusion measures as per guidelines.
Fees do not include these optional items: transportation, food & beverage and external after-school activities.

Application Fee

The non-refundable Application Fee of AED 500 is due at the time of the assessment. 

Registration Fee

For new students a non-refundable Registration Fee will be charged, which is adjustable against the first semester fee. For every academic year the Registration Fee is 10,000 AED and is due within 7 days from receiving the Acceptance Letter.

Tuition Fee

The first semester fee is due 31st August 2017. The second semester fee is due by the 31st January 2018. A student may not start the academic year unless the first term fee has been paid in its totality.

Sibling Discount

Sibling discounts are available to SISD families. They are applied as follows:
  • 1st and eldest child: 0%
  • 2nd eldest child: 5%
  • 3rd eldest child: 5%
  • 4th eldest child: 20%
  • 5th eldest child: 50%

Upfront Discount

An upfront discount of 5% is applicable when full tuition fee is paid before June 30, 2017

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