General principles

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD) has an inclusive admission philosophy and is open to all students who can benefit from the education offered regardless of their nationality, race, gender, language or religion.

SISD welcomes students who are committed to the concept of an international education, whether they are local or international. They must be willing and capable to meet the academic demands of the school, to benefit from the education that is provided and to identify with our School Philosophy. 

In order to meet its educational and pastoral obligations, it is vital that the individuals responsible for our students’ education are in complete agreement with the school’s educational principles and support the school in its efforts. SISD must therefore be in possession of all the necessary information relevant to the personal, academic and physical development of its students.

The Admissions Team supports new families through the admission process to make the transition in our school as smooth as possible. All applications are considered individually, taking into consideration the following factors:
  • Previous school history
  • Language profile and level
  • Final goals of the applicant
  • Level of maturity
  • Age as per KHDA regulations


Applications are evaluated and candidates are invited to attend an interview as well as to take a pre-admission assessment test. The test results will help to determine the applicant’s placement and to ensure that he/she is capable to access the school’s curriculum within the levels of support that are available. Parents are subsequently informed of the school’s decision to admit their child to the school.

Dates for admission

While the best time to enter our school is at the beginning of a new school year, admission at the beginning of the second semester or during any other time of the school year is possible, provided places are available.

For any future admissions in later academic years, applications can be submitted at any time.

Please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible, Sunday through Thursday.