Pastoral Care

The welfare of our boarders is of the greatest importance, as parents have entrusted us to guide, nurture and develop their child to become a mature and healthy young adult. Leaving home can be an emotional time for a young person and their parents, but rest assured, our experienced boarding staff will ensure that every boarder feels safe, well-integrated and happy.

Boarders are offered outstanding levels of pastoral care, reflecting our commitment to creating a genuine home away from home. Every boarding house has its own carefully selected staff, who care for the boarders’ welfare and practical needs, with the support of the school’s Medical Centre.

The twenty-four hour nature of boarding means that the staff live alongside the boarders and they are always on hand to offer support, guidance and advice. Boarders follow a structured routine which encourages them to get the most out of their time. Homework sessions are supervised and help can be given where necessary.