Reasons to board at SISD

Our experienced boarding staff will guide and support you  

Our multi-talented boarding staff are passionate about education and meaningful learning, not only in the classroom but in the real world. The highly trained staff are focused on promoting in our boarders empathy, responsibility, maturity and a high degree of self-discipline.  Our caring staff are there to not only guide you with your academic studies and interests, but also support you with your emotional needs.
You will make friends for life 

We are conveniently situated at the heart of a dynamic, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city which is on the cutting edge of global development. The international community at SISD enables our boarders to make lifelong friendships with young people from all over the world, and this extensive contact network which will become invaluable throughout your life. 
Your academic capabilities will be pushed

It is becoming increasingly clear that an IB education is the global gold standard in a context where children see their futures expanding beyond national borders. For those ready to maintain fluency in French or German alongside their English, our proven immersive approach to bilingual education provides our boarders with a crucial competitive advantage at university and the workplace.
Boarding here is fun!

Leaving home for the first time is never easy, but rest assured that every effort is made to integrate a new boarder into our warm and inviting environment.  New boarders will make friends quickly at SISD and the exciting range of afterschool and weekend activities are sure to keep you busy.  We are also located in the middle of Dubai which is a great place for outdoor activities and trips.  
The SISD campus will become your home away from home

SISD boasts a world-class campus with comfortable, state of the art boarding houses, as well as excellent sports facilities. Our boarding houses cater for boarders from ages 11 to 18 and are friendly, welcoming places. The campus is a boarder’s home and it is here that they can enjoy using the Olympic size swimming pool, gym, cardio studio, sports halls and playing fields during the day, after school and on weekends.
You will be prepared for life after school

The move to college or university can be a difficult transition for some.  After graduating from SISD you will be ready for the challenges of higher education because you have acquired the skills to live independently and become acquainted with new people.   
We want to find your hidden talent

We believe that every young person has hidden talents.  We encourage every boarder to pursue new interests and activities.  You will become part of the SISD community where the willingness to take risks and explore new interests becomes the norm.