Academic Data Coordinator

Job title
Academic Data Coordinator


Start date
August 1, 2017

Dubai, UAE

Reports to
Head of School

Position(s) supervised

Job Scope


  • To work in collaboration with school leaders to drive key organizational initiatives including but not limited to creating critical tools and systems to enable data‚Äźdriven decision making; analyzing data to provide insights to improve student achievement, staff effectiveness, and overall organizational performance; and managing SISD’s Student Information System (SIS)
  • To manage the collection, integrity, and dissemination of data to various internal and external stakeholders
  • To train SISD staff to input, access and utilize our SIS accurately
  • To be responsible for and manage student data reporting for KHDA, IBO and other regulatory bodies

Achievement Data
  • To prepare student achievement and progress data in order to help academic leaders identify strengths and challenges within SISD
  • To ensure these findings can be shared effectively at each assessment point
  • To create tools and reports for school leadership and teachers that empower them to make data-driven decisions
  • To support design and implementation of internal studies to analyze effectiveness of SISD’s programs
  • To identify leading indicators for school achievement metrics
Talent Data Preparation
  • To collaborate with Head of HR to analyze staff surveys and provide actionable insights to drive increases in staff satisfaction
  • To prepare student achievement data in order for it to contribute to teacher professional development.
  • Lead initiative on school leader effectiveness, including analyzing achievement data, identifying additional data needs and collaborating with the Head of HR to establish an evaluation rubric
Reporting and Student Information System Management
  • To execute all student information data reporting requirements
  • To manage student information system (iSAMS)
  • To design a process for auditing existing student information on a quarterly basis
  • To create systems and processes to ensure seamless data information flow
Training and Support
  • Train and support to effectively and efficiently use the student information system
  • Support the school leaders in being active consumers of data analyses and tools

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