Substitute Primary PE Teacher

Job title
Substitute Primary PE Teacher

Start date

Dubai, UAE

Reports to
Head of Physical Education

Position(s) supervised
Teaching Assistant and / or Classroom Assistant

Job Scope
The primary responsibility of this position is to provide smooth and effective
teaching in the absence of the contracted employee on an ad hoc basis.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
 Deliver effectively the curriculum following the teacher’s lesson plans, and
fulfil all responsibilities of the teacher, including extra duties
 Inspire mixed culture and ability classes, by creating challenging and
engaging learning opportunities for all students
 Promote the enjoyment of learning
 Nurture meaningful relationships with children and provide the individual
attention they need
 Assess and monitor student progress and maintain accurate up to date
 Maintain rigorous and appropriate learning expectations of all children and
provide targets so that all learners can see success and improve
 Collaborate with other teachers to share new ideas, approaches and
professional knowledge
 Abide by all school policies and procedures and model the school core values
in interactions with children, parents and colleagues
 Communicate accurately with parents

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