Swiss Baccalaureate - Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

Swiss Baccalaureate

With the exception of medical studies, students with a Swiss Baccalaureate Diploma are not required to take admissions exams to gain entry into Swiss Universities, Federal Institutes of Technology and further education courses. The Bilingual Swiss Baccalaureate at SISD is a seven-year programme, starting in Grade 6 and leading to graduation at the end of Grade 12 with the Swiss Baccalaureate Diploma. In Grades 6 and 7 students are attending preparatory classes. These two years lay the foundation for a successful Swiss Baccalaureate education. At the end of this two-year phase a student can be admitted to the five-year Swiss Baccalaureate section or can switch to our MYP programme. The decision to join the Swiss Baccalaureate section is usually taken in Grade 5 (or 7). The curriculum covers ten basic subjects, one Core Subject (a specialist subject) and one Supplementary Subject (Grade 10-12). At SISD we prepare students for the bilingual Swiss Baccalaureate. Beside English Language Arts, three subjects are examined in English: Geography, History and the Supplementary Subject.

7-year programme (Grade 6–12)

  • 10 basic subjects
    • 1st language: German or French
    • 2nd language: English
    • 3rd language: French or German
    • Maths
    • Biology
    • Chemistry (G9-12)
    • Physics(G10-12)
    • History
    • Geography
    • Arts (Music or Visual Arts)
  • 1 Core Subject (G9-12)
  • 1 Supplementary Subject (G 10-12)
  • Extended Essay