Primary School

Our Primary School in Dubai offers spacious classrooms (80 to 100 sqm) with welcoming colours and the best materials available to make the environment a comfortable and enjoyable one for your children. The multipurpose activity rooms are spread over three floors in a separate wing of the building to house a wide range of classes.  Specialist IT rooms and science labs stimulate the children’s curiosity and encourage investigative learning. 

The outdoor playing areas, including an adventure playground and a small pool for young and beginner swimmers, have been carefully planned and designed to be safe yet fun places for imaginative play and invigorating activities. Our caring staff will supervise the students while they exercise their physical abilities and enjoy activities with their friends.

Our programmes 

We designed our educational programmes with the needs and welfare of students in mind. Our campus provides the child-friendly environment you are looking for in primary schools in Dubai. We prepare lessons and acitvities that keep children engaged and eager to learn. We strive to make their stay far from just an ordinary day at school. A good combination of indoor and outdoor activities makes this possible. 

By offering quality education in our primary school, we prepare young learners for a more diverse challenging and inspiring learning environment in secondary education. Our teaching staff, headed by Sabah Rashid, are experienced international educators. We embrace diversity and promote equality, making it possible to unite all students in a friendly, caring and stimulating environment. 

For more information about our Primary School in Dubai, register for a school tour or contact our Admissions department.