Our Campus

Home to over 2,000 students, including 350 international boarding places, the Swiss International Scientific School has been designed by leading architects to meet the highest expectations.

The school is an inspiring place for students to live and learn in. Filled with natural light, our spacious classrooms, libraries, laboratories and sports facilities are all designed to engage your child and encourage learning. 



Prioritizing the well-being of students, the design of the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai has been developed by experts in energy optimisation of buildings. SISD is an eco-friendly campus, meeting the highest standards of energy consumption. Less cold air is circulated into the classrooms and high natural light levels are only reinforced when necessary. This creates a sustainbale campus and one that benefits student wellbeing. A healthier and more comfortable environment supports them throughout their learning journey, and helps them achieve their full potential.

We have worked with the following prestigious organisations to bring you the first ever purpose built building in a desert climate to meet Minergie standards: EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Sorane S.A., Archilab S.A. and Minergie. For more information about Minergie and the SISD campus please read this study.

How does Minergie work?

The building is designed as a high-grade envelope with the best air tightness and the highest insulation standards, to reduce air loss as well as heat transfer, known as thermal bridge. At the same time, the light transmission is optimized to reduce electricity consumption. The building’s energy consumption is certified at 33,9 KwH/m2/year, while a regular building will consume more than 100KwH/m2/year. For more information on the Swiss Minergie Label click here.

What is the outcome?

Not only are we pioneering the development of a better educational environment, but also applying renewable and sustainable principles to fund our scholarship programmes. Thus, contributing directly to the students’ education while ensuring they benefit from a comfortable and healthy interior climate. Read more about the SISD case study here.