School Life

A school is so much more than just the learning in class. At SISD, we strive to build a community of global citizens who lead a healthy lifestyle and are respectful of others as well as the environment. In June 2016, our efforts to improve healthy eating, active living and a positive environment were recognised by the Knowldge and Human Development Authority with the Happy Healthy School Award
SISD offers a wide range of after-school activities that further broaden our students’ horizons, develop their skills and help them make new friends. Our canteen serves healthy and nutritious food for lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks. Our food is designed to reflect a healthy balance yet remain attractive to young people. We offer comprehensive bus transport services whereby you child is picked up and then returned home at any of three different times every day of the week. Last but not least, our nurses and doctors not only cater to the immediate medical needs of students, they also contribute to the education of the community.
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