A library plays an important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. We encourage our students to read books on a weekly basis; preferably those in English, French, German or Arabic. Reading is an important complimentary learning tool to general classes. It is proven that reading aloud helps children acquire early language skills. It is one of the best activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills. Definitely, a plus to the route of school success!

Our librarian, Nana Chinbuah, wants her library to reflect a forest of reading where learning is mixed with creativity, where books can take you into a different world where students will gain a love of reading. The Primary and KG libraries are student’s passports to wonders, adventures, mysteries, fantasies, glimpses into other lives, experiences, hopes and dreams, and the world beyond their doorsteps. It is a place where children gain confidence as they become strong readers, life-long learners, and develop skills for an information rich world.
SISD currently has two libraries, one for the Early Years students and the other one for the Primary Years students. Both libraries are vibrant and attractive activity hubs which contain more than 4’000 books, e-resources, and other materials that make inquiry, learning, and storytelling at its best. Students have one class per week of 30 to 45 minutes long where they experience different resources as picture books, early fiction chapter books, encyclopedias, e-books and reference materials from Kindergarten to Grade 6. 

A normal lesson at the library consists of students choosing books they have a strong interest in and the librarian will read them the story. In this way students are far more interested in the book due to the tone and act added to the reading. By hearing stories read aloud, checking out books and participating in various library programs, children have many opportunities to discover new worlds, develop a passion for reading, and extend their learning. Students also participate in what is called a literature circle where each student reads a chapter. 
Definitely, a way to develop their literacy levels to reach one of our core values, Excellence!