Holiday Camps

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai organises Sports and Tech Camps during the school holidays open to SISD and non-SISD students. SISD Camps are a place of adventure and learning where children spend their days being active, learning new skills and most importantly, making new friends. Our challenging programmes are designed for different age groups and interests. Activities include but are not limited to: swimming, tennis, football, basketball, gymnastics, coding, robotics, 3D design & printing. Please see below for details about our exciting programmes and registration procedures.

Sports camps in partnership with Stryx


Sign up today for our specialised Skills Camps delivering intensive training programmes to improve your skills in Football, Tennis, Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics or have an unforgettable holiday discovering different sports in our Multi-Sports Camp.
February Camps
  • February 11-15 2018
Spring Camps
  • Week 1: March 25-29 2018
  • Week 2: April 1-5 2018
  • PreKG Camp: 700 AED / week
  • KG1 – G10: Multi-Sports Camp: 950 AED / week
  • G1-G10: Skills Camps (Football, Tennis, Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics): 950 AED / week
  • SISD and non-SISD students are welcome

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Fill out the registration form here or contact Stryx for more information: / 055 877 1658 / 04 247 9777

Tech & Digital camps


Sign-up for memorable and innovative Tech and STEM programmes coached and taught by high quality and caring instructors from Junkbot and MakersBuilders. Empower the next generation of innovators ! 

February Camps

  • February 11-15 2018

Morning Camp - 1300 AED/Week (9am - 12pm)

8:1 Instructor ratio, Max 16 students per class, Minimum 4. 
  • Adventures in Coding (Ages 6 to 10, mixed levels), or
  • Mobile app development (ages 7 -10, beginners) 

Afternoon Camp - 850 AED/Week (1pm - 3pm)
  • World Building with Minecraft (Ages 6 to 10), or 
  • Intro to 3D Design and Printing (ages 7 -10)
For further information please contact
Phone/WhatsApp: 052.721.9211

For the flyer, click here.
For the detailed brochure, click here. 
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