Internal ASA

Internal After-School Activities (ASAs) are taught by SISD teachers and are free of charge (in some cases, some fees might apply for equipment).

For more ASA videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Each student is allowed to participate in 2 Internal ASAs per week. After-school care is not included in this quota, an Early Years student can potentially go to after-school care every day, Sunday to Thursday. 

Early Years: Sunday to Wednesday (teachers meet on Thursday)
Primary Years: Sunday to Wednesday (teachers meet on Thursday)
Middle Years: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (teachers meet on Tuesday)
Semester 2 registration period for internal ASAs: Tuesday 3 January 2017 – Sunday 8 January 2017
Full list of internal After-School Activities at SISD:
Early Years (PreKG, KG1, KG2) - subject to age group
  •       Arts and crafts
  •       French,German and Italian Cultural clubs
  •       Arabic A (mother-tongue)
  •       Arabic B (as a foreign language)
  •       Just Dance
  •       Drama
  •       Sewing
  •       Baby football

Primary School (G1-G5) - subject to age group

  •        Arts and crafts
  •        Recycled Art
  •        Arabic A (mother-tongue)
  •        Arabic B (as a foreign language)
  •        Quran Club
  •        Excellence Club
  •        Student Council
  •        Band
  •        English Reading club
  •        French, English, German and Italian language clubs
  •        Sustainability Club
  •        Ball hockey
  •        Homework help
  •        TED Club
  •         Piano Keyboards

Middle School (G6-G9) - subject to age group

  •         International School journal (English, French)
  •         Arabic language classes
  •         Maths and Science support
  •         English support
  •         Drama
  •         Concert Band
  •         Digital Photography / New Media
  •         World's Scholars Club
  •         Art of Arabic Calligraphy
  •         Italian language club 

For any further information, please download the ASA Parents Handbook or contact our Head of After-School Activities Benjamin Cassaigne at