Benjamin Cassaigne

Benjamin Cassaigne



Who could better lead our after-school activities than Benjamin! A former professional tennis player, who ran a sports focused boarding school in the South of France, he has the knowledge to make SISD’s after-school activities a success. Born in Paris, France, Benjamin, son of tennis and physical education teachers, grew up with two brothers with whom he developed a competitive spirit.

When he was 17, Benjamin went to Tampa, Florida where he graduated from the prestigious Palmer Preparatory High School and Tennis Academy. He then received a full tennis scholarship to study at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta. Once his Bachelor of Science in International Affairs with high honours in hand, he decided to take a chance on the professional tennis ATP Tour. He ranked among the top 300 players in the world in singles and top 160 in doubles with wins over players such as Tsonga, Simon, Baghdatis, Benetteau, and Ancic.

After his tennis career, Benjamin became the manager of a Tennis and Golf Academy/Boarding School near Nice, in the South of France. For six years, he managed a team of twenty people to make this academy one of the most important and recognised in Europe. To do so, he used his knowledge in the world of sports, tennis and golf in particular. He led sales, marketing, administrative, educational and sports teams. Benjamin believes that, if his team performs well, “it is due to our really good relations with our customers and our ability to constantly find original ways to evolve.” Benjamin was hired at SISD as the Head of After-School Activities in March 2015 with the ambition to build the most reputable after-school activities programme in Dubai. With state-of-the-art facilities and full support from the SISD Management, he believes SISD will be able to offer a unique choice of after-school activities. Benjamin has visited 60 countries and speaks four languages: French, English, German and Spanish.