Boarding Options

At SISD we cater for boarders who live in the UAE, but also for those who live outside the country. 

Full Boarding

Full boarders spend the semester on campus and return home for the holidays.  Full boarders enjoy a range of enthralling evening and weekend activities, but they also have time to relax, catch up on homework and use the facilities on campus. 
If a full boarder has a guardian or family member who lives locally, they are able to visit them off-campus, but only with the permission of the parents.
Weekly Boarding (Sunday – Thursday)

Weekly boarders are able to fully immerse themselves in life on campus during the weekdays, and then return home on weekends.  Weekly boarders join the boarding house on a Saturday evening and then return home on a Thursday afternoon.  There are many benefits to weekly boarding which include the following:
  • You have the support of specialist tutors who are there to assist you with your homework in the evenings
  • You don’t have long journeys every morning and evening after school 
  • The boarding house is designed to ensure you are comfortable.  This enables you to concentrate and focus on your studies without distraction
  • You can use the facilities in the evenings (for example, swimming pool, gym, football pitch, music room, dance studio)
  • You are able to learn the skills to gain independence, but still have the support of your family on weekends
  • You have a home away from home where you can conveniently leave all your school books, clothes and sports equipment

Flexi-boarding is when a student wishes to stay in the boarding house for a short period of time, whether it is one night, or a few weeks.  This can be useful for the student and parents in the following situations:
  • If the parents are travelling and they do not want their child to miss any school days
  • During exam periods, where it is beneficial for the child to be in a structured environment with academic tutors on hand to provide support
  • During unplanned emergencies (for example hospital stays)

Flexi boarding can be requested depending on the availability of places in the boarding houses.
Please contact us to discuss which boarding option may be suited to you and your needs.
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