AV Technician - Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

Job Title
AV Technician

Start Date

Dubai, U.A.E

Job Scope

• Assist in developing long-term strategies and capacity planning for meeting future AV, access control & CCTV equipment and corporate technology needs.
• Collaborate with organizational policy-makers to establish and enforce proper AV & CCTV practices and procedures.
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of AV, access control & CCTV equipment contracts and supervise contract-based installations.
• Advise the Head of Information Technology on the purchase of new AV, access control & CCTV equipment; assist with its installation.
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the schools access control systems and supervise contract-based installations.
• Conduct research on, and make recommendations for, AV, access control & CCTV products in support of procurement and development efforts.
• Place orders for AV, access control & CCTV equipment and consumables; inspect and verify all AV, access control & CCTV deliveries upon receipt.
• Identify and deliver required audio-visual service levels according to School policies and user requirements.
• Set up, configure, test, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot teleconferencing equipment, multimedia devices, televisions, monitors, projectors, recording equipment, speaker sets,
digital cameras/camcorders, and other presentation equipment.
• Receive and respond to incoming calls, pages, and/or e-mails regarding AV, access control & CCTV software /hardware problems.
• Perform onsite analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of complex AV, access control & CCTV hardware problems for a variety of end users, and recommend and implement corrective solutions,
including offsite repair as needed.
• Document instances of AV, access control & CCTV equipment failure, repair, installation, and removal.
• Build and maintain a spare parts inventory for all AV & CCTV equipment.
• Handle incoming booking requests for AV, access control & CCTV equipment and setup.
• Troubleshoot AV, access control & CCTV issues using the appropriate testing tools; make repairs as necessary.
• Transport AV, access control & CCTV equipment throughout facility using a motorized pallet jack or handcart.
• Tag or label AV, access control & CCTV equipment owned by the School; periodically audit inventories to mitigate risk of damage or theft.
• Produce, dub, edit, and copy all AV & CCTV media, as required.
• Any other tasks assigned by the Line Manager.

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