Facilities Officer (Soft Services) - Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

Job Title
Facilities Officer (Soft Services)

Start Date


Job Scope


• To lead and develop the implementation of a campus cleaning program including day school operations and boarding.

• To conduct and document daily and weekly facilities inspections, communicating findings and developing action plans as a result of these findings.

• To ensure compliance with health and safety standards and industry codes.

• To lead and manage all services such as cleaning, waste disposal, pest control, and cleaning consumable supply.

• To negotiate and compare costs for when obtaining quotes from cleaning consumable and equipment suppliers for goods and services to maximize cost-effectiveness.

• To performance manage, develop and train cleaning staff, ensuring maximum utilization of the team and regular tracking of performance against targets set.

• To develop and implement cost reduction initiatives.

• To provide regular and relevant feedback to the Head of Facilities to ensure the school leadership team are aware of critical issues immediately and progress against planned activities.

• To manage the work of the third party cleaning staff which will include training, instructing and supervising.

• To prepare weekly and monthly reports and PPM plan for cleaning.

• To establish and maintain housekeeping schedules and assign employees to areas for various housekeeping duties; conduct comprehensive inspection to check the completion of work assignments.

• To support school events

• To carry out general FM department administration works.

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