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Sep 30, 2017


English / French

At SISD, we currently offer two fully immersive bilingual streams: English/French and English/German. We define bilingualism as the regular use of two or more different languages in daily life. Therefore, a bilingual person is able to communicate, think and reflect in (at least) two different languages, even if one of the languages remains dominant. Bilingualism is designed to offer learners the chance to develop international-mindedness, to broaden their skills and capabilities and to acquire the information needed to access other cultures.

Teaching and learning across the grades:

Pre-KG ​

  • Native French speaking teacher ​
  • English TA in the classroom​

KG1 ​

  • Bilingual co-teaching English/French
  • 2 sessions of Arabic per week ​


  • Bilingual co-teaching English/French
  • 4 sessions of Arabic per week​