Why the IB? | SISD

The IB has a hard-earned reputation for high standards of teaching, pedagogical leadership and student achievement. Independent research confirms that students who receive an IB education consistently outperform their peers across the curriculum. Universities and employers across the world view the IB Programme as the gold standard in the 21st century.

The emphasis the IB places on intercultural awareness is a particularly important feature in the UAE, where the history, culture, beliefs and traditions of a plethora of nationalities live in unison with that of the host nation. No other curriculum fits better with the UAE and SISD’s vision of educating the next generation of innovative and culturally aware global leaders than the IB.

Students learn How to learn:

Students in an IB school are taught how to learn, and not simply what to learn. Through the “process of inquiry,” children learn that asking the right question is just as important as finding the right answer. This approach engages students in their own learning, instills in them the discipline of structured inquiry and fosters their natural curiosity

Students know what it takes to succeed at school and in life:

Students in an IB school understand what it takes to reach their full potential. The IB Learner Profile traits are a series of characteristics each student is encouraged to think about and develop. These ten attributes not only encourage great students, they develop wonderful people.

In every grade, we embrace the IB mission and the IB Learner Profile, and IB Learners strive to be: • Inquirers • Knowledgeable • Thinkers • Communicators • Principled • Open-minded • Caring • Risk-takers • Balanced • Reflective

Students at our school are inspired to be motivated and engaged in their own learning. Students learn how to apply their skills to problems which reflect real life situations, both familiar and unfamiliar. They are encouraged to solve any problems presented to them innovatively. Through the effective use of different sources of information, students will be able to make accurate and appropriate conclusions.

SISD is an authorized school of the International Baccalaureate for the Middle Years Programme (MYP), Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.**

For further information about the IB and its programmes visit IBO.org.