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Diploma Programme
Sep 16, 2017

Diploma Programme

The two year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme allows students to develop an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge. The Diploma (DP) is a truly international programme, developed in consultation and collaboration with educators from around the world.

DP students are prepared for active participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society as they develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and ethically, while acquiring the skills that will prepare them for further education and life in the 21st century.

The curriculum consists of six subject groups:

  • Language and Literature
  • Language Acquisition (or a second Language & Literature subject)
  • Individuals and societies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arts or other elective subject

Click here for the courses offered under each subject group and information about course selection.

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A compulsory core comprises three distinct components, and is an integral part of the DP student experience:

  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is focused on developing interdisciplinary and critical-thinking skills. TOK explores interdisciplinary themes across subjects and encourages critical reflection and analysis.
  • Extended Essay requires students to select, research, and write an in-depth, independent submission of 4000 words, usually in one of their six subject areas. The Extended Essay requirement offers IB Diploma candidates the opportunity to become familiar with the independent research and writing skills expected at university.
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) is a fundamental part of the Diploma experience, helping students to grasp the importance of extracurricular activities as an integral part of life, and as a healthy counterbalance to the world of pure scholarship and study. These initiatives and activities are a key part of our students’ education, and include local and global community outreach projects, charity drives, Model United Nations, sports and many more.

Grades and Assessment

Each examined subject is graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of the IB Diploma requires a minimum total score of 24, based on the principle that a grade 4 represents a passing level in each of the six subjects. Excellent performance in the six subjects results in a grade 7 for each, or a total score of 42 points. Students can earn an additional 3 points for superior work on the Extended Essay and in Theory of Knowledge.


Our bilingual pathways extend through to the Diploma Programme, where all students study English Language and Literature. In addition to this, we encourage those who have the relevant experience to study Language and Literature in French, German or Arabic, which results in the award of a bilingual diploma. For those who are not yet bilingual, our Diploma Programme will ensure that all students achieve a degree of language acquisition depending on the level at which they study.