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Swiss Baccalaureate
Sep 16, 2017

Swiss Baccalaureate

In Grades 6 and 7 students are to attend preparatory classes. These two years in our so-called hybrid classes (German-English bilingual, IB combined with Swiss Baccalaureate Curriculum) lay the foundation for a successful Swiss Baccalaureate education.

Upon completion of this two-year phase, a student can be admitted to the Swiss Baccalaureate section or can switch to our MYP/DP programme. The final decision to join the Swiss Baccalaureate section is taken in Grade 8. The curriculum then covers eleven basic subjects, one specialist option and one supplementary option (Grade 10-12). At SISD we prepare students for the bilingual Swiss Baccalaureate. Beside English Language and Literature three subjects are examined in English: Geography, History and the chosen supplementary option.

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7-year programme (Grade 6–12)

  • 11 basic subjects
    • 1st language: German
    • 2nd language: English
    • 3rd language: French
    • Maths
    • Biology
    • Chemistry (G9-12)
    • Physics (G10-12)
    • History
    • Geography
    • Arts (Music or Visual Arts)
  • 1 specialist option (G9-12)
  • 1 supplementary option (G 10-12)
  • Extended Essay