Exploring Excellence: Extended Learning Opportunities at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

Everyone’s aptitudes are different. At SISD we value inclusion and understand that different groups of students require personalised approaches to enhance and empower their learning. All students require support to achieve their full potential; some will need one-to-one support, others will exceed expectations, and others will be exceptionally determined to make their mark on the world.

It’s important that a student is in a school that empowers them to recognize where they are on their learning journey. For those students who are exceeding expectations or show potential to do so, SISD is committed to providing extended learning opportunities. This belief is in harmony with the KHDA’s Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework.

A key question on a parent’s mind in this regard is: Will my child be recognized for their ability at school? Will they be bored, or shall they be challenged by the school to go beyond their level?

At SISD, an extensive array of internal and external monitoring mechanisms are in place to identify students as they progress along their learning journey. Collaborations are made between the school, parents and the previous school, to ensure that students are challenged and supported.

The International Baccalaureate framework implemented at SISD offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and student agency, allowing for a personalised education that perfectly suits the student’s needs and journey.

Alongside this, our school offers a series of programmes that empower and challenge our high potential students to extend their learning.

In Primary Years, Mr. Brian Nolan, has created the Opportunity Hour for these exact students, in which they gather once a week and explore extended learning opportunities related to the curriculum and beyond. Such examples include Self-Care with Head of Primary, Mrs. Sabah Rashid, Creative Science with PYP Coordinator, Mrs. Shona Gastaldi, German Media Club with our German Language Arts Coordinator, Mrs. Nadine Rashad and more.

Students who are selected for Math Challenge by our Math Coordinator Mr. Shane Sweeney, are given the opportunity to work with Secondary SchoolMath Coordinator Mr. Tarik Azouz twice a week as both school sections collaborate to extend and challenge our budding mathematicians.

In the Secondary, students have a number of enrichment activities on offer at different points in the day and the academic year.  For those students who excel at English or Humanities, the World Scholar’s Cup group at lunchtimes provides the opportunity to develop debating and writing skills in preparation for competitions, as does the MUN ASA.  Students with strong skills in Math and German are entered into competitions at other schools.

More such activities are currently being developed and will be available soon.



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