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Jacobus De Leeuw
Academic and Innovation Coordinator


SISD is committed to embracing technology that supports our educational vision and makes learning more stimulating and interactive. Educational technology has aided in the development of new and updated educational materials and curricula, as well as in the acceleration of the teaching and learning processes. Education technology makes teaching more interactive, collaborative, and meaningful—and it can help students engage with their learning more effectively. Our school has committed to providing digital resources and learning opportunities for teachers and students to learn how to integrate technology into real-world experiences. 


Innovation at SISD is about giving students opportunities to grow their abilities by combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding to create high-quality products. Design and Technology allow students to gain skills, knowledge, and understanding of designing and manufacturing functional products. It is critical to foster creativity and innovation through design, as well as by exploring the designed and made the world in which we all live and work. As educators, we can use educational innovation to improve student outcomes both academically and by developing the soft skills that students need to succeed in life.

Students develop strong learning skills, especially in critical thinking.


Our students are

Our students have the opportunity to become real-world content creators

not just consumers of content. Students gain experience and skills with modern tools that will help them thrive and contribute in an ever-changing, globally connected world. Learners investigate global issues through interactive media, connect with others through collaboration and share their ideas and projects through videos and virtual galleries.

SISD offers premium and personalised STEAM lessons from for PreK-Grade 5. This future-focused and integrated approach to learning focuses on a wider range of knowledge that is content specific. It uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student enquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Learn more about  our programmes here.
Depending on grade levels, students are provided access to Microsoft Cloud based productivity tools such as Email, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and are expected to actively experiment and use these tools that can augment and re-define their learning experiences.
Our Technology Innovation department is dedicated to actively supporting the integration of STEAM into the PYP, MYP and DP curriculum. In partnership with teachers, they design, develop and implement instructional content, courses and projects leading to a fully immersive STEAM integration. Co-teaching support is also provided in activities such as coding, robotics, app development, design thinking and 3D printing. We also recognise that not all learning takes place during class time. At SISD, traditional style ICT labs are transformed into Innovation Labs equipped with resources to support student led and passion driven projects including entrepreneurship.

Secondary students are welcome to use the Innovation Labs facilities outside of classroom hours at recess, lunch breaks and after hours to work on personal projects such as app development, product design, robotics development and more. Based on student feedback, our team selectively supports competition and events such as Hour of Code, Formula 1 in School Competition, First Lego League, 3D Design, KenKen Math competition and many other locally run learning activities.

Swiss International Scientific Dubai School is the first UAE school to integrate Digital Citizenship education into the curriculum from G1 to G12. Learn more about our Digital Citizenship Programme.

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