Deputy Head of Secondary School (Pastoral) – SISD

Job Title
Deputy Head of Secondary School (Pastoral)

Start Date
August 2020


Job Scope

Main Duties and Responsibilities
This not an exhaustive list of all duties/responsibilities:
Leadership and strategy
• Leadership of the Grade Leaders and Secondary school staff in order to promote high expectations of pastoral care for the students
• Leadership and development of the day pastoral system, including houses, forms and student councils
• Promotion and communication of pastoral initiatives among stakeholders
• Line management of Guidance Counselling and oversight of the Personal Development Curriculum
• Contribute and ensure that the development and delivery of Secondary School improvement plan is aligned to the school’s vision
• Use data and evidence effectively and appropriately to evaluate and impact on the horizontal performance of students
• Attend regular leadership team meetings as part of the Secondary Leadership Team
• Lead on the Moral Education Programme
• Lead behaviour for Learning, ensuring there is a conducive and nurturing environment for learning to flourish
• Stewardship of a positive learning environment by regular review of rewards and sanctions as well as consideration of outcomes from the professional development cycle
Pastoral care and well-being
• Exercise the role of the school’s child protection officer by managing all aspects of safeguarding issues, concerns and investigations to ensure students and parents fully understand the school’s safeguarding policy and procedures
• Ensure the attendance policy is fully implemented and attendance is monitored, and protocols followed
• Promote high levels of student well-being through bespoke initiatives that evolve dependent upon current trends in student care and support
• Monitor, support and track student well-being
• Communicate effectively with parents on sensitive issues
• Enjoyment of, and proven ability in, communicating with young people
• Maintain effective partnerships with parents to support student achievement, well-being and growth.
• Liaise with other schools and relevant organisations in matters of pastoral care
• Manage and deliver the Secondary School cover programme for staff absence in a consistent and transparent manner
• Organisation of supervision rotas outside of class time
• Organisation of assemblies and coordination of relevant events
• Collaboration with Admissions and the Head of Secondary to ensure an effective admissions process
Professional training and development
• Keep abreast of developments in international schools to ensure that SISD maintains a place at the forefront of international best practice
• Lead, promote and cascade professional learning within the pastoral section
• Provide necessary training for all pastoral staff to enable them to perform their roles and responsibilities to high standards
• Collaborate with other Deputies and the Head of School on recruitment, with a focus on those aspects that relate to the pastoral system e.g. Grade Leaders, Home room teachers and Counsellors etc.
• Assist with whole school monitoring and evaluating of the Professional Development Cycle

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