Head of Boys’ Boarding House – SISD

Job Title
Head of Boys’ Boarding House

Start Date
August 2019

Dubai, U.A.E

Job Scope

• To follow best practice with regard to Child Protection and Safeguarding, in line with SISD’s policy and procedures

• To ensure that the medical and dietary needs of students are met

• To ensure that boarders meet school uniform requirements/standards

• To assist the teachers with regard to the academic progress of students (include target-setting, following up areas of concern, celebrating achievements and progress)

• To investigate fully any evidence of student misdemeanor or indiscipline, to discuss and record sanctions imposed with regard to school rules and disciplinary procedures (in conjunction with teachers and academic leadership teams), and to monitor formal complaints

• To ensure the provision of representative leadership opportunities within the Boarding House and provide suitable training and support

• To establish and develop a program of regular House meetings

• To be responsible for the development of a full evening and weekend programme of outings and activities

• To support and encourage pupils on school and public occasions such as concerts, performances, sporting activities etc.

• To encourage respect of and for SISD’s property and that of others Parents

• To liaise closely and regularly with parents/guardians about pastoral and academic issues and their child’s progress and well-being (including the provision of written reports, as required) Management of Boys’ Boarding House and Boarding House Staff

• To be responsible for effective organization of the Boarding House, including delegation of specific areas of responsibility or duties to the relevant pastoral staff

• To maintain the fabric of the House in cooperation with the Operations team

• To line manage Boarding House staff

• To coordinate with the Operations team in ensuring full compliance with all aspects of health and safety within the Boarding House environment (to include First Aid provision and Fire Safety)

• To commit to UK National Minimum Standards for Boarding

• To manage Boarding House accounts

• To keep staff and student Boarding handbooks up-to-date Other responsibilities

• To undertake any reasonable request made by the Head of School and/or any member of the Senior Management Team

• To promote the Boarding House to prospective parents and pupils, as required

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