Head of Sports – SISD

Job Title
Head of Sports

Start Date
August 2020


Job Scope
·       To communicate the vision of the school for excellent student learning in Physical and Health Education and performance in competitive team sports

·       To lead the Physical and Health Education Teachers in delivering this vision.

·       To develop and implement Physical and Health Education and competitive team sports policies and practices leading to high quality results for all students within Physical Education and competitive team sports.

·       To think innovatively and identify opportunities to improve the profile of Physical Education and competitive team sports across the whole school, the Emirate and in the wider region.

·       To contribute to self-evaluation and prepare for KHDA school inspection in accordance with inspection criteria and ensure that the departmental action plan aligns with the

school’s broader strategic planning.

·       To contribute to the IB school verification processes in accordance with programme standards and practices

·       To set clear expectations for the department and competitive sports teams

·       To take the lead on arranging competitive sporting fixtures

·       To foster an ethos of ‘Team spirit’ through recognition and praise

·       To behave at all times in a manner befitting a role model for the students and teaching staff

·       To manage and develop the Physical & Health Education Teachers in accordance with the school’s continual professional development policy

·       To appraise the Physical and Health Education Teachers in accordance with the school’s appraisal policy

·       To coach and mentor the Physical and Health Education Teachers providing constructive advice and feedback

·       To lead and develop the Physical and Health Education curriculum across the school

·       To coordinate teacher allocation for timetabling

·       To take an active interest in maintaining subject knowledge, learning networks and current educational research

·       To take a lead on personalised learning and teaching and associated resources of the department in a manner that challenges and interests and is appropriate to the needs of students

·       To demonstrate excellent and innovative pedagogical practice in order to deliver high standards of Physical & Health Education across the school

·       To promote the safety and well-being of students and staff

·       To carry out assessment, data analysis and chart student progress and inform progress in line with school policy

·       To assess and monitor student progress, implementing impact plans where necessary

·       Participate in meetings, in and outside school hours, as necessary

·       To provide timely feedback of Physical & Health Education and competitive Team sporting achievements and results to students and parents

·       To ensure that the school provides a very high quality internal and external after-school activity programme

·       To liaise with the school leadership teams and the Head of Inclusion to ensure that the range and quality of ASAs respond to and support the academic, extra-curricular and emotional needs of students

·       To liaise with the Pastoral Deputies to ensure attendance is effectively monitored

·       To liaise with the Head of Boarding to support additional provision for boarding students

·       To liaise with teachers regarding the provision of internal ASAs

·       To liaise with external ASA providers

·       To schedule ASAs in accordance with the school calendar

·       To communicate the ASA schedule to parents

·       To manage the Sports and ASA budget and resources

·       To promote the safety and well being of students and staff

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