Secondary IB MYP/DP Chemistry Teacher – SISD

Job Title
Secondary IB MYP/DP Chemistry Teacher

Start Date
August 2020


Job Scope
This not an exhaustive list and all duties/responsibilities:


·       Design, prepare and deliver a high-quality curriculum for grades within the IB framework to suit the individual needs of all students

·       Nurture meaningful relationships with students and provide the individual attention they need

·       Ensure lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all students

·       Maintain constant awareness of the needs of any students to whom English is additional language

·       Maintain a safe learning environment for students

·       Assess and monitor student progress and provide targets so that all learners can see success and improve incessantly

·       Liaise with the Head of Depts. and curriculum coordinators to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum to specified classes, including selecting resources and managing them efficiently in the classroom

·       Assume responsibility for the pastoral care of a class of students, paying particular attention to personal development and child protection

·       Collaborate with other secondary teachers and curriculum coordinators to deliver an interdisciplinary curriculum and share new ideas, approaches and professional knowledge

·       Communicate accurately and regularly with parents

·       Participate in school activities outside regular school hours to include, but not limited to, ASA’s, Boarding House(s) support, school trips, staff meetings, parent’s evenings, open days, INSET days, professional development training sessions, conferences and workshops, induction and if applicable examination supervision

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