Introducing our secondary school student leadership team! | SISD

Introducing our secondary school student leadership team!

We are delighted to introduce our student leadership team for this year. Congratulations to all students on your selection, and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve together this year!

Read more about the students, and their interests and roles here.

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    Swiss International School Dubai, Dubai’s first bilingual International Baccalaureate School, is marking an incredible achievement among its hard-working student cohort – result of the demanding Middle Years Programme. The school achieved a 100% pass rate, with an average score of 40 and 63% of students achieved a bilingual MYP certificate. As one of the only schools in the UAE who chose to continue testing students, and opt for the additional alternative IB task (despite exams being cancelled by the IB), the teachers and pupils alike are delighted and excited by the results.  As new Principal, Ruth Burke, explains “The pandemic challenged us all, but despite exams being cancelled globally, we offered our students, not only the chance to complete their IB MYP qualification, but also the additional opportunity to undertake the ‘alternative task’ provided by the IBO. The MYP is the perfect preparation for the IB Diploma Programme, perceived to be the gold standard of education globally, and we wanted to ensure that our students were best placed to be successful in the IB Diploma. The MYP 2021 results are especially impressive, given the challenges of the last 18 months” Elise Furr, Head of Secondary at SISD commented "The alternative assessment task created a learning experience for the students which was not only innovative and futuristic but also taught them that irrespective of the circumstances, IB learners are always active, agile and ready to accept a challenge. We are immensely proud of our students achievements, particularly as we are a fully-inclusive school". English Language and Literature, German, Individuals &Societies, extended Maths, Science, Drama, Design and PHE were considerably above world averages, as was the Personal Project, which is undeniably a great achievement for every pupil who undertook the endeavour.   A total of 29 pupils took the qualification, achieving an average point score of 40. The global average score for MYP candidates is 36. One pupil scored an incredible 50 out of a possible maximum score of 56. The MYP Certificate is a formal, internationally recognised award related to the MYP. The MYP eAssessments constitute optional external moderation, introduced in 2016, and SISD is one of the only schools in the world to offer the e-assessment option, an opportunity for students to achieve an externally-moderated qualification at age 16, recognised by OfQual as an alternative to GCSEs. To receive the MYP Certificate, each candidate must normally complete at least one eAssessment in each of these areas: 
    • Language and literature 
    • Individuals and societies 
    • Sciences 
    • Mathematics 
    • Interdisciplinary learning 
    • Language acquisition (or second language and literature) 
    • Physical and Health Education, Arts, or Design 
    • The MYP Personal project 
    Within each area, the subject with the highest score, on the scale of 1 to 7 is counted, and the results tallied to create a total out of 56. The pass mark is 28. An average score of 40 once again positions SISD as a globally leading educational institution.  
    This week, we are celebrating outstanding results from our latest cohort of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme graduates.As a school with an inclusive admissions policy and open access for all students to pursue the IB programmes, we are proud to announce that our very keen multi-lingual group of 20 SISD students achieved an average grade of 34, surpassing the global average points score significantly. Above all, and in line with our philosophy, half of our IBDP students achieved a bilingual IB diploma. We are not aware of any other school that has such a high proportion of bilingual IB diplomas.Top scoring student, Skay Fasano, with an excellent point score of 42 in the bilingual IBDP, said: “I am thrilled with my IB results - this curriculum has helped me to build resilience and perseverance and allowed me to pursue a truly bilingual education. I became a more independent and organised individual by following the IB, and I have now decided to study at the world-famous École Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, in order to pursue my passion in Hospitality Management.”Elise Furr, Head of Secondary Education at SISD, says: “Our IB results this year are simply outstanding, especially given the added pressures created by the pandemic. This is only the school’s second year of the IBDP Programme, so it really is a fantastic achievement. It is testament to everyone’s hard work, commitment and unfailing dedication to excellence that all our students have now received their first choice of university destination, and we are certain they will go on to become truly successful global citizens.”Urs Jungo, the school’s IBDP Coordinator, adds: “It has truly been an honour to be part of this year’s IBDP cohort – we have a group of students who have not only undertaken one of the world’s most challenging educational programmes in a global pandemic, but some have also achieved bilingual diplomas – no easy feat! The students have achieved fantastic results and significantly surpassed the world’s average scores. We are very proud of you, Class of 2021!”School Principal, Norbert Foerster commented: “The sound philosophy behind the IB Programme is to equip its students with the values, knowledge and skills they’ll need to become better global citizens, and work towards making the world a better place. At SISD, we put particular focus on international-mindedness, a balanced education, and tailored approaches to learning. We also add in the dimension of bilingualism – truly making our students ready for a global world. Our latest results show this concept is working extremely well, and I’d like to congratulate both our students and staff for putting in such hard work during a trying time to achieve outstanding results. However, for me, the IB is about so much more than just points – it is an educational philosophy to ensure our students succeed in life, not just at university, and more importantly become life-long learners with a passion to make a difference in the world.”
    We are very sorry to learn that one of our former KG2 teachers, Christine Chauveau, passed away recently. The team that knew Christine wanted to share a message of their memories of her, and the SISD community also wish to pass on our condolences to the family.Amina El Difrawi - Head of Early YearsA few days ago, we heard the very sad news that a former member of SISD and of the Early Years team passed away. I first met Christine Chauveau in my role as a French coordinator and as her son’s Karl teacher. She was passionate about the French teaching and was enthusiastic about the bilingual co-teaching model in KG2. She worked hard to improve it and made sure the students get the best experience. She was looking forward to continuing working in the Early Years so “we could do great things together for French” as she used to say. I can still hear her singing voice and see her big smile.  Unfortunately, she had to leave to go back to her home country. We will always remember her as a happy and passionate teacher. We would like to send her family and especially her son Karl our warmest condolences and courage in those difficult moment. Pauline Joseph Grade 3 TeacherI met Christine in August 2017. She was teaching French in early years while I was teaching in primary. We were neighbors as well; our sons were in the same class and quickly we became friends. I remember Christine as someone funny, who likes to laugh and enjoys simple things in life. Christine was discrete but we could always count on her. She will truly be missed. Our hearts go out to her family, especially her son Karl, in this ordeal.   Tamara Grannell Grade 1 TeacherIn the academic year of 2017, I started SISD with Christine and together we helped to introduce the bilingual French and English stream. Christine was a passionate French teacher, going over and above to ensure her students were emersed in the French language. Christine was funny, active and loved by all.Christine will be truly missed, and we have her son Karl in all of our thoughts and prayers. 
    We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Rania Hussein to the position of Deputy Head of SISD, commencing in August 2021. Rania will take over from Luke Osborne, who has accepted a Principal role at the International School of Ulm / Neu-Ulm, an IB school in Southern Germany.Rania joins us from GEMS World Academy, where she has been the Head of Senior School. Educated in Saudi Arabia, Canada and the UK, bilingual educator Rania is herself an IB graduate and an expert in the specialised curriculum. She also serves as an Examiner for English Language and Literature with the International Baccalaureate organisation.Rania has worked within the IB Programme for the entirety of her teaching career, shaped by her own international upbringing and experiences. After attending several international schools in the Middle East, where she studied as an IB student herself, Rania graduated with Honours in Mass Communication and Media Studies from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Upon completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the UK’s University of Sunderland, she begun a highly focused and successful teaching career as Head of Year and Head of House at the British International School of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, simultaneously teaching the IB Diploma Programme and IGCSE.During her tenure as Head of Senior School at GEMS World Academy, the IB Diploma Programme outcomes grew from 29 to 37 points - and the pass rate from 67% to 100%. Rania also had responsibility for the EE, CAS, TOK elements of the IBDP, as well as overseeing the IBCP and DP programmes within the school.In addition, Rania was also the IB Diploma Programme network leader for GEMS and oversaw the successful progress, growth and development of other IB schools within the network.The new Deputy says: "I am extremely excited and proud to have been selected as the next Deputy Head of SISD. The school is one that I have admired from afar, especially with its focus on internationalism and nurturing global citizens. As an IB graduate and bilingual speaker myself, I know first-hand the tremendous benefits that bilingualism within the context of the IB can bring to a student’s education. My passion and focus is on the delivery of high-quality teaching, and offering every student a pathway that allows for them to grow personally and academically. I have spent the entirety of my career in IB schools, so it is a great privilege to join a school that embodies the IB ethos and learner profile so completely. I cannot wait to join what is already a thriving community at the SISD and will work hard to be an integral part of the school's journey to excellence."Ruth Burke, recently appointed new School Principal and CEO from August, adds: “After an extensive talent search, Rania will join SISD as Deputy, and together we are looking forward to maximizing the benefits of bilingualism in our unique IB school, discovering and nurturing the talents of all of our students and further developing the vibrant and happy school that is SISD.”Rania is a mother of two. Her husband David was also an international student, and is currently a Head of School in Dubai.  

    Oxbridge Week

    SISD will be hosting three Oxbridge virtual events throughout this week:Monday 22nd March, 5:30-6:30pm: Aspiring to Oxbridge TalkZoom Link:“Aspiring to Oxbridge”, the session delivered by Alicia Luba, is an introductory presentation designed for students and their parents from Year 9 upwards. During this presentation, Alicia will be addressing key points such as who should consider applying, how to apply, and the process from initially considering Oxbridge all the way through to the interviews themselves. Alicia will share her own experience both as an Oxford undergraduate and now for the past five years as an admissions consultant. The presentation will cover the different entry requirements, the college system, pooling, the strategy behind choosing the right course and the different admissions tests students need to sit in advance.SPEAKER’S PROFILE:ALICIA LUBA - CONSULTANCY DIRECTOR AT OXBRIDGE APPLICATIONSAlicia holds a first-class degree in English Literature from St Hilda’s College Oxford and also an MA in Shakespeare from Kings College, London. She has been consulting with students, schools and parents for Oxbridge Applications since 2013, specialising in the Arts and Humanities subjects. She regularly takes on her own Premier Service students as well as conducting the initial Private Consultations in the London office or around the globe. Alicia travels to meet clients and schools in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, China, Nigeria and most recently, Oman.______________Tuesday 23rd March, 5:30-6:30pm: University of Cambridge Virtual Presentation Zoom link: session is aimed at parents and students who wish to learn more about the University of Cambridge, the application process and entry requirements. Roshan will also explain how students as early as Grade 9 can start preparing for a highly selective institution such as Cambridge._____________SPEAKER’S PROFILE:ROSHAN WALKERLEY - DEPUTY HEAD OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENT RECRUITMENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGERoshan Walkerley is the Deputy Head of International Student Recruitment at the University of Cambridge. He was also part of the Cambridge International Global Recognitions team for two years, leading work with universities in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Prior to joining Cambridge International in 2018, Roshan worked as a Student Recruitment Manager and Higher Education Adviser at the University of East Anglia. Roshan studied Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, UK, and Macquarie University, Australia. _____________Thursday 25th March, 5:30-6:30pm: Oxbridge Virtual Panel Discussion am delighted to be inviting the Carfax Education team again to lead this insightful virtual conversation with recent Graduates from Oxford and Cambridge. Both the humanities and the sciences will be represented during this event. Acceptance into these elite establishments is extremely competitive, top grades are not enough to guarantee a place. Our four guests will share their stories, give valuable inside advice on making your application stand out and tell you what it is really like to study in the "dreaming spires".
    We are delighted to announce that Mrs Ruth Burke has been appointed Principal/CEO of SISD from next academic year. She will succeed Mr. Norbert Foerster who is retiring as planned and moving back to Europe.As an educator and school leader with an outstanding record in school development, Ruth’s experience in leading a range of top-tier international schools, increasing opportunities for all students to be successful and building inclusive community cohesion will support the next stages in the development of our school.Educated in Trinity College Dublin (first degree) and Bath University, UK (Masters’ degree), Mrs Burke’s in-depth understanding of education, her proven track record in school improvement at the highest levels in schools such as JESS, GEMS Wellington International School and Deira International school, will see her vision for student success and wellbeing positively drive all aspects of school culture and provision at SISD in the years ahead. During Ruth’s tenure at JESS Jumeirah and GEMS WIS, the schools were rated as Outstanding in the KHDA DSIB inspections, and both schools are leading IB Diploma schools in Dubai, ensuring students achieve the best global university places.Ambitious for students, staff and schools, Mrs Burke believes strongly in the power of education and the potential of growth mindset, supporting students to achieve their potential and creating partnerships to build effective learning communities. Both boarders and day students at SISD can expect a focus on all aspects of their pastoral, extra-curricular and academic experiences to be developed in a caring, community-focused and forward-thinking manner.In addition, Ruth’s energetic and highly personable approach will assure her successful transition to life at SISD. As mum to three ranging in ages from 8 to 27 years and residing in Dubai for the last 20 years with her husband, Mrs Burke is looking forward to joining the SISD community and further contributing to the four central principles at SISD of Bilingualism, Excellence, Sustainability and Togetherness.SISD Founder, Omar Danial said ‘I am delighted to welcome Ruth Burke to SISD as our new Head of School. As an experienced IB educator, and a long-standing leader in a number of ‘Outstanding’ schools in Dubai, Ruth will be an incredible asset for our school. Ruth’s vast experience of the UAE, coupled with her commitment and passion for inclusive education, will support our vision to deliver a first-class IB education for all our students. I feel very fortunate to have secured Ruth as the new Head of School, and am looking forward to working with her on the next stage of school advancement.’Ruth said ‘It is a tremendous privilege to have been selected as the next Head of SISD, particularly following the remarkable vision and leadership of Norbert Foerster. The SISD Education is unique: global in its outlook, bilingual in its approach, Swiss in its culture, and yet also rooted in the local community of Dubai. I am passionate about the IB, it is absolutely the gold standard of education, and it is what employers and universities are now looking for. When combined with the languages and the STEAM education that SISD offers, I have no doubt that we have developed something unique for our students – I am looking forward to developing this further, becoming part of the SISD community and supporting the school in the next stage of its growth and development.’We look forward to welcoming Ruth to the SISD community this summer.Find out more about Ruth - A Q&A session with Ruth is on our website here.

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    Our Grade 11 Diploma students have created their own newsletter for secondary students, containing articles about their recent studies, school news and their personal media recommendations.Read the newsletter here Grade 11 - Newsletter January 2021
    We are delighted to introduce our student leadership team for this year. Congratulations to all students on your selection, and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve together this year!Read more about the students, and their interests and roles here.