SISD TALKS with Mashal Waqar – SISD

SISD TALKS with Mashal Waqar

Join us for an inspirational Talk on Digital Media and Technology with Mashal Waqar.
Mashal won the WIL Economic Forum 2017 Young Leader of the Year award for her work in media. She has been quoted and published in over twenty national and international media outlets including Euro News, BBC Minute, Forbes Middle East, Entrepreneur Middle East, for her entrepreneurial and accessibility advocacy.
Reaching millions around the world, The Tempest is an award-winning trailblazing digital media and technology company that enables women globally to see, feel, and truly claim their voice. Its audience is made up of determined leaders, creators, doers, and dreamers who are smart and passionate, always seeking out the full potential in every aspect of their lives.
Date : October 30th
Time : 1:00 PM
Location : SISD Auditorium
Open to all, SISD and Non-SISD students and parents

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