Allen Turner | SISD
Allen Turner
Aug 04, 2022

Allen Turner

From an early age I have always been active and enjoyed the outdoors, whether it was hiking on family holidays or climbing and kayaking with youth groups.

This love of the outdoors continued into my adult life and I became an outdoor activities instructor where I gained qualifications to coach climbing and kayaking and lead groups in mountainous terrain,. This turned my love of the outdoors into a passion for experiential learning, enabling students to discover that they are capable of far more than they realise and that stepping out of their comfort zone can actually be fun and not scary is why I get up for work each day.

As an instructor I’ve been fortunate enough to work across the world, from the UK to Germany and the UAE to China, I’m excited to work at SISD and be part of a family that encourages students to go beyond what they think is possible and reach new heights.