Angela Neville | SISD
Angela Neville
Aug 04, 2021

Angela Neville

I am an Irish teacher and I have been teaching here in Dubai for 5 years.  Before I moved here I taught in London 3 years.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological and Chemical Sciences majoring in Physiology from University College Cork and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in which I specialised in Early Years Education from the University of East London.

My goal is to provide students with endless learning opportunities which inspire, motivate and push them to strive for their personal best. I believe a variety of teaching techniques are essential to enable every child within the class to make progress. As each child is unique, I believe it is important to build strong relationships, including a good home-school link, to better cater for every child’s needs. I aim to make every lesson exciting, engaging and meaningful to the students. I try to do this through a cross curricular, creative approach where possible. I feel this makes lessons more enjoyable and accessible to the children.

I aim to foster a love of learning in all the children in my care. I look forward to beginning this exciting learning adventure together!