Caroline Hintze-Rowlstone | SISD
Caroline Hintze-Rowlstone
Nov 24, 2017

Caroline Hintze-Rowlstone

Before I became a teacher in 2006 I worked as a certified nurse in Germany for ten years. Being a nurse taught me a lot about life and not to take things for granted. I decided that I would leave nursing and pursue a path into education. I took action and started my studies at the University of Education in Heidelberg. Upon graduation I worked at a few different schools to gain a broad experience in different settings. I enjoyed growing as a teacher, but felt that I needed to experience more by taking my teaching skills abroad. I applied for a teaching position in Qatar where I lived and worked for eight years. In 2011, my beautiful little girl was born and she is now attending SISD,

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with young children and gaining experience as a teacher over the past ten years. I am a very passionate person and I always endeavour to give my best at work and at home. When I am not teaching I love spending quality time with my family, enjoy going to the park or the beach or visiting friends. I also like reading a good book or cooking and baking with my daughter.

Working at SISD is just one of those rare opportunities to be part of something dynamic and new. This school truly challenges parents and students to realise the endless possibilities provided by quality education and I am proud to be a member of the team!