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Ciaran McBreen
Aug 05, 2021

Ciaran McBreen

Hello, my name is Ciarán McBreen and I originate from Ireland. I have been in Dubai since 2012. I live with my wife Kim and my 2 children Sofia and Harry.

From an education perfective, I am a great believer that everybody has a talent and that this talent needs to be unearthed through exploring, failing and re-evaluating. I was not academically gifted myself when I was at school, but through hard work and finding my passion for learning through sports, I now hold a Degree in Sports Science with Business, a PGCE in Physical Education and a First-Class Honours Masters Degree in Education. In addition to this, I am a certified Personal Development Coach and the author of the book LISTEN!, a book that supports students through challenging situations such as body image, bullying and the pressure of school.

I have previously worked in London and since relocating to Dubai, I have worked in DIA as Head of Physical and Health Education and Sunmarke School as Head of Year 7.

I am very passionate about the IB programme and how it serves students and teachers into being creative, reflective and essentially developing the skills for the ‘real world’.