Elizaveta Tyan | SISD
Elizaveta Tyan
Aug 02, 2022

Elizaveta Tyan

I was raised in Russia and have been living in the UAE since 2007. As someone who barely spoke any English when I moved to Dubai, it was definitely a challenge to overcome the language barrier in order to succeed academically and at the same time be social among peers. I have been passionate about language acquisition and teaching ever since. I speak English, Russian and French fluently, a bit of German, and currently learning Arabic.

I graduated from Paris Sorbonne University in 2016 where I completed my Bachelor’s in Applied Foreign Languages and International Business.

I try to work with my students and help them to achieve their goals with this approach in mind, “Bring yourself down to the students’ level. Think of yourself as their guide, their mentor. Find out about their interests. That way you’ll be able to connect with your learners and relate to them.”

I am also passionate about music and in my free time I love to sing!