Fabien Teillier | SISD
Fabien Teillier
Aug 02, 2022

Fabien Teillier

Originally from the south of France, I spent all my schooling in this beautiful place. After obtaining my master degree in mechanical engineering in 2015, I directly passed the French national education exam to become a teacher in engineering science.

After a few years of teaching in the south of France, I wanted to visit the world and I went to Dubai where I taught mainly mathematics. Then I went to New York where I taught mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as technology. I also had the chance to create a makerspace, a space dedicated to scientific creation and reflection.

I particularly enjoy doing projects with my students and between different classes, as it gives meaning to the theoretical lessons and also the students see a direct interest. The projects I have already implemented in the past are many, whether using arduino, scratch or python the students have always been very involved.

I am also passionate about travel, photography but also technology.

I am very excited to join the SISD team as it will be an opportunity to continue to implement many projects in an environment that I enjoy.