Gene Samudio | SISD
Gene Samudio
Oct 19, 2021

Gene Samudio

I have nearly 2 years experience as a Shadow Teacher and 3 years teaching experience in a National Curriculum in the Philippines teaching Physics and Mathematics classes. I am a highly-motivated, passionate, enthusiastic, and multi-lingual professional teacher with an exceptional work ethic.

I come from a family of 6 and I am currently the only one in the education field. I completed my studies at University of Perpetual Help System – Laguna with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education specialized in Biological Sciences.

I have a very wide taste when it comes to music. I always love to sing and entertain people. Music also uplifts my soul and relaxes me.

Teaching special needs students is so rewarding! It does not get better than helping a student reach their full potential. I feel great knowing that my students have learned something new because I was able to teach them in a way that made sense for them. It’s rewarding to know that I have been able to reach them and help them on their way to future independence. Also, I get to learn from them. The best decision I ever made was becoming an educator.

Professional advancement and better opportunities are just a few of the reasons I joined SISD. With the teaching experience and skill set that I have, I am also looking forward to enhance more and develop, showcase my singing talent, and my vision to conceptualize that Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.