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Jenalyn Leliza
Aug 03, 2022

Jenalyn Leliza

Hi I am Jenalyn Leliza a well experienced Teaching Assistant  and Shadow Teacher in abroad for almost 6 years now.

Looking back to my childhood, it was not so fun as it can be after loosing the pillar of the home as a young aged and that was one of the hardest part of our life. Coming home without her is so different that we used to it. And during those times of having a heavy heart our father is also a miles way to comfort me and my 10 siblings because he is working abroad to support our family needs. But yet He is still the best father, our super hero. As our mom taught us to be always support each other we decided to be a working student after my mom passed away. I’ve worked in a fast food chain during my off in the school so that at least we can help our dad to lessen the burden that he has just to support our family. I am lucky that I have a siblings that is not just like brothers or sisters to me.  We treat each other like Best friends that we can relay on anytime 24/7.

One of my hobby is cooking with my secret ingredients which is “LOVE” and I bet you like to try it :). I loved to sing as well with my friends so called my family. Singing with all my hearts help me to calm and take away all worries in life.

I am 23 years married now. Our dreams is having our own little family those years of our marriage had ups and down but we are still hoping that in Gods perfect time we will be having our little one that can be called our own. This situation can help me to motivate more to become the best version of my self. I really love children they are so soft and innocence. I love how they are learning step by step. My goal is not being perfect teacher to them but at least the perfect support system. And I believed that i will achieved all of this is to be part of SISD family.