Jessie Sullivan | SISD
Jessie Sullivan
Aug 04, 2021

Jessie Sullivan

My teaching career began with TeachFirst, a training programme that puts graduates into Britain’s most deprived schools. I was placed in the city of Norwich in the East of England where I received my teaching diploma. It was in this first school that I fell in love with the high adrenaline atmosphere of the classroom. I soon realised the importance of effective phonics teaching to rapidly develop English acquisition. I love the quick pace nature of phonics and how it provides students with the tools they need to read and write in order to become independent learners.

After 2 years of teaching in the UK, I moved to Shanghai to be immersed within a bilingual, cotaught environment.  I have been teaching English and Humanities to Chinese students and have broadened my knowledge about effective coteaching for greater depth outcomes. I am excited to contribute my skills within the Early Years at SISD and follow the students as they continue with their learning journey.

Outside of the classroom, I am a keen cyclist and hope to one day paddle my way back to the UK!