Joy Edwin | SISD
Joy Edwin
Mar 02, 2021

Joy Edwin

I was born in Nigeria where I grew up and completed my education. Due to my love for children and the desire to help out those with special needs, I was motivated to learn american sign language  to communicate with those who are hearing impaired. Meeting new people is my passion as it broadens my understanding on how the culture and environment has a great effect on education. I decided to broaden my horizon by leaving West Africa to the UAE because of its diversity in culture. As someone who avoids being stuck in a rut, loves being around children, with experience in the school boarding team added with the opportunity to teach and learn something new everyday, the privilege of being a member of the SISD community arose and I decided to take up the challenge and blessings of being in a bilingual school with an IB curriculum.
I enjoy when I am not working, outdoor activities like painting and climbing,
I also love reading and going on adventures with my family.