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Laetitia Coic
Aug 04, 2021

Laetitia Coic

Growing up in Brittany in a French-speaking family and monocultural community, I’ll always remember the first time my older brother read out to me in the English language: my 10-year-old mind was instantly mesmerized by those new foreign sounds. It was like discovering another world. I was hooked! Deciphering that mysterious code became a game, then a passion. A passion that, years later, would see me graduate in English, then in Primary Education from Glasgow University.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to be exposed to a wide variety of school curricula and settings. From the state school system of Scotland to international schools in Mexico, Chile and Italy, my teaching has been continually influenced by diverse educational views and practices. I believe in giving the students as much choice as possible over what, and how, they want to learn. My goal is to make them curious, independent, and encourage them to transpose newly acquired knowledge and skills into some form of action. Promoting respect, empathy and intercultural understanding is at the core of my pastoral mission.

In my spare time, I make sure I engage in activities that “spark joy”, as Marie Kondo would say. Travelling, losing myself in a good book, amateur dramatics and playing the guitar are among my favorite pastimes. Living during the lockdown has also helped me develop a new appreciation for meditation and podcasts. The risk-taker in me is always eager to get a scuba diving rush of adrenaline!