Luke Osborne | SISD
Luke Osborne
Dec 05, 2017

Luke Osborne


  • BSc in International Management and French from the University of Bath
  • Master’s Degree in Education (Leadership & Management) from the Open University
  • Trained and qualified as a teacher at the University of Cambridge
  • Member of Council of International Schools (CIS) Accreditation Team
  • Proficient trilinguist – English, German and French

My teaching journey began at a boarding school in Scotland, where I also ran the Coastguard Service and gained rich experience of pastoral care. My wife and I then moved to Switzerland where I became Housemaster of a boarding house. While there, I learnt much about the CIS accreditation process as an evaluator of other schools and we welcomed the arrival of our two sons, who are now both students at SISD.

Thorough and wide-reaching studies have proven that high quality relationships have a correspondingly powerful positive impact on student learning. To that end, I work hard to ensure that all members of the community – students, parents, teachers and leaders – understand each other and seek to overcome challenges together.