Marc Levi Andres Duldulao | SISD
Marc Levi Andres Duldulao
Aug 02, 2022

Marc Levi Andres Duldulao

Teaching has always been part of my life ever since I was a kid because my Mom is also a Primary School Teacher in the Philippines. In fact, I used to teach my siblings when we were kids at home.

I am an active member of my community way back home as a Youth Leader from 2008 until this very moment,  where I have been facilitating and creating programs for the young people in my province. I am also part of the performing arts group in my town specifically in the theater arts and choir where we always perform during the large programs and gatherings called as “fiesta”.

My journey as an international school teacher in the UAE started in 2014 when I became a Primary School Teacher in Sharjah.  Since then, I have experienced leading up leadership roles such as the following:

*UAE National Agenda Primary Coordinator

*Performing Arts Coordinator

*Choir Conductor

*Junior School Deputy SENCO

In 2018, I have been given the chance to become the Deputy Head of  Inclusion in  an American-curriculum school in Dubai and in 2019, I became the Inclusion Coordinator in a British Curriculum School in Abu Dhabi where I also headed  the Well-being Department and the Child Protection and Safeguarding  Committee of our school.

My department has been rated as “Very Good” by ADEK during our school inspection in May 2022. The learnings that I have gained together with my 8 years of experiences as a teacher and coordinator will be my foundation in helping my students to achieve their full potentials at SISD starting this Academic Year 2022-2023. I am excited to become part of this outstanding community for me to be able to learn more, to contribute my talents and to spread the language of inclusion in every part of SISD.