Marie Roger | SISD
Marie Roger
Aug 04, 2021

Marie Roger

I was born in a small port town in Vendée, France, where I developed my curiosity about other cultures.

I studied foreign languages at the university of a French overseas territory, La Reunion. After I graduated successfully, I moved to Germany to teach French language to German students.

This great experience convinced me to complete a master degree to become a primary school teacher.

I worked as teacher and head of primary school during six years in France, then I joined the French international school of Bangkok (LFIB) during three years. This period in Thailand allowed me to appreciate the benefits of the IB educational system, boosting open-minded vision.

I like to work with people coming from different cultural horizons, and contribute to international educational projects. I also developed a deep interest in inclusive education, encouraging students to improve their concentration, to understand themselves and to achieve personal fulfillment.

With my husband and my two children, I also like to discover new countries and cultures during my free time, and sharing my passion for sport and reading.

I am delighted to join the Swiss International School in Dubai and collaborate with its great team !